Senior Portrait Gallery

8 March 2017

Every photo I take has a story behind it and in my galleries I will share a piece of their stories and mine. My work is personal, intimate and in the end a treasure for now and future generations.

The Colon Family—This Senior Portrait Session was an adventure. Kathleen, the girls mother, is a friend of mine from High School. Her girls live in NC and she lives in FL and after seeing all my recent work, she made plans to drive up here and have me take photos of her girls. We had planned for a couple of weeks the location we would shoot at, and when I drove to Chapel Hill, I almost instantly realized it was a mistake. There was a huge football game going on, and the place was a mad house. Quick change of plans we met at Duke University instead and with the light dwindling fast, we ran around and shot as many pics as we could. The girls and I had a lot of fun and ended the night in Durham, and photographed at the Tobacco District.


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