Hello and Welcome to Immaginare Photography, located in Lewisville, North Carolina

My name is Mandi Korn and here is a little about me and the photography that I offer.


I would say that I am a Versatile Natural Light Photographer and have been one for over 25 years. I have such a huge passion for telling stories, and get excited every time I meet a new client, or watch others grow up on the other side of my lens. Being versatile means that I will try anything to make a client happy, and in turn create very individual portraits. I love being very intimate with my photography, getting close in the moment, it makes for more personal work. My style I would say is journalistic portraiture, if that even is a phrase, but would describe me perfectly.

From me, you will get someone real and I think that everyone deserves that when you hire a photographer. I am a mother, wife, traveler, lover of captured moments, when you think no one is around. My favorite photography of my daughter are the spontaneous ones of her, her and her father, and the ones I get of her purist smiles. This holds true to my favorite work that I have gotten from my clients, the photos that are real and true to them, and we both see it in the final product.

I will meet with you first, so we can get to know one another, and talk about location, expectations and answer any questions that may arise. I think that this is one of the most important steps in hiring me, because it will make taking that photos that much more personal. ( I can photograph without meeting first, if time is a factor)

On a final note, I will admit after all the years of being a photographer, I still learn about light everyday. In almost every moment of my free time, I fill my head with knowledge. Either with a camera in my hand, playing with Photoshop, being inspired by other great artists, and going to back to old images to see what I can make new. I am lucky, to be loved by a great husband who supports me in all my endeavors, and a amazing daughter who will model for me (most of the time) when I see an opportunity to drag her some place new.

Thanks for stopping by, reading a little bit about me, and I hope to hear from you soon.