June 11, 2017

You only get truly lucky a few times in your career when you meet the dream client. Now I have the most amazing clients, but when I say “dream” for me it means a couple who is open to all suggestions is willing to take risks and wants me to be with them every step of the way. This is that couple, the Flowers. Beautiful, young, creative and this is their first baby. When I met them I felt their energy right away, and I was in heaven. She told me she had a few dresses, one being lace, (something I have longed for in awhile), and others fitting the couple that they are. She is just gorgeous, and he is a body builder…..I mean really, HEAVEN. I was honored once again to be able to shoot at my favorite farm in Tobaccoville, and the weather was spot on. I love these images, they are some of my favorite to date.

May 24, 2017

I met this family through a friend, who happened to be her 4th grade teacher (15yrs ago). I talked with her over the phone and set up a meeting with her in her home. I was on FaceBook and I saw her post an image of her front yard, and I was out of my mind. Her and her family live about 45 mins away fro me, very close to the Blue Ridge Parkway and mountains. In the back of the image from FB were beautiful grasses, forests, and the mountains themselves, a dream come true for me. We met, and it was better in person then in the image. On the day of the Maternity shoot it was cold, but her baby girl and husband were great sports and we all battled the cold together. Fall time in the mountains, here in North Carolina is breathtaking, and not to mention, this soon to be mommy is beautiful. The time of year, setting and subjects made for some amazing photos. These colors are part of LXCN Preset Collection, LXCN 02 & 03.


Following this Amazing photo shoot was an equally amazing Fresh 48 shoot. This momma got lucky and her delivery was a breeze. She called me just a few hours after the baby was born, urging me to come right away, because they were going to release her soon. I jumped in the car and traveled to the hospital in the mountains, and my timing could not have been more perfect. As soon as I arrived, a lot of her immediate family arrived and made for some special moments. On a personal note, I loved to watch and photograph the first moments this wonderful family welcomed this baby into their lives, it was beautiful (and its why I love my job). The room was small, cramped with a lot of love and happiness, I couldn’t have asked for anything more real and perfect. These colors are from the LXCN Preset Collection, LXCN 03S.



May 22, 2017

I am unbelievably lucky to live in the neighborhood that I do. I think when anyone drives into it, they are just blown away by the immense amount of diverse nature that is everywhere. There are countless places to photograph here, and I thought that I knew them all. A neighbor and friend asked me if I could do her son’s prom photos, and I jumped at the chance, (her son is model material). She told me she had a spot behind her house that would be great for photos, a place I had not seen before, so this made me more excited. Backing up to our neighborhood is acres of farmland, covered in tall grasses and beautiful Spring flowers, this was her spot. As much as clothing, lighting, feelings, are important, it’s really about the location. Finding that perfect spot can be tricky, and this time, like many others, this location was a dream, and so was the couple. These colors are from the LXCN Preset Collection LXCN 01.